otherdog Welcome to the home page of otherdog studio. We are a small audio production (and web design -- haha kidding) studio in Houston, TX USA. We're mobile sort of, so generally we would come to you, rather than you coming to us. Pretty much - we can do some tracking (including drums) at our location if needed, and we mix here as well. We can also provide guitar re-amping with some fairly monstrous guitar amps and session guitar service in many styles.

You can email us at your own special email address that works to send email to us from you

Here's some stuff we've been working on:

Chris Lively's new 10 song release, "Distance" is out - recorded and mixed at otherdog. check it out here

Flying Monkease cover of Dark Hollow:

Flying Monkease cover of Stooges song:

Chris Lively did a video with the first single from his next release - we did the audio, but not the video - which looks awesome:

Chris Lively LP "Feather"

our SoundCloud page (not much going on there at the moment)

We don't do mastering at all, but we recommend:

Dave McNair Mastering

Chris Longwood